‘A Happy Man’ is more than just a smiling face or a simple metaphor alluding to the broken parts that remain hidden.

Despite the ebbs and flows of the music industry, this experimental music duo endures.

Mariuca García-Lomas of Northwest (Photo: Daniele Coluccielo)

Do not be deceived by its rather unwelcoming cover art.

Somniloquy cover art (Photo taken from Bandcamp)

Somniloquy is the sweet, cacophonous embrace one would never expect they would desperately crave upon hearing for the first time.

Hustling is the name of their game

As the world sinks into a perpetual state of fear, ‘The Seventh Seal’ looks inward for solace.

A look into their back catalog

Photo: Mason Fairey / Courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

Photo: JYP Entertainment

Nikolai Dineros

Music critic with a day job | For article/music review requests, send me an email: dinerosnikolai@gmail.com | I accept tips & donations: paypal.me/ndineros

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