Do not be deceived by its rather unwelcoming cover art.

Somniloquy cover art (Photo taken from Bandcamp)

Somniloquy is the sweet, cacophonous embrace one would never expect they would desperately crave upon hearing for the first time.

What Filipino artist extraordinaire Shuichi comes through with in 2020 is a solid, genre-fluid album that inventively fuses elements of R&B, shoegaze, dream pop, indie rock, and dance music without leaving a sour aftertaste, but is rather plated in such a way that provides an ominous progression from one track to the next.

is a sentimental album that lavishes on the idea of self-fulfillment. Eschewing tropes that evoke sonic uniformity, Shuichi, along with their producer Haute Couture, challenges their…

Hustling is the name of their game

The Texas-based hip-hop duo Tribe Mafia, comprised of American rappers Chinasa Broxton and Carlos Moore, is one of the busiest acts to come out of Austin, having gained accolades throughout their career thus far by holding occasional listening parties in their local hip-hop community, winning renowned competitions such as the world’s largest indie artist showcase, “Coast 2 Coast,” and touring across the world with Akon, among many other feats.

It is because of these accomplishments that Tribe Mafia was able to land a distribution deal with Sony’s The Orchard on behalf of IndieNation, and most recently, get listed to perform…

As the world sinks into a perpetual state of fear, ‘The Seventh Seal’ looks inward for solace.

Two paragons of Texas talent in the state’s local hip-hop scene come together for a new project, unveiling a clandestine part of their personality that was never on display in their past works.

is a 7-track collaboration project between cloud rap figure The Teeta, lyrical virtuoso Willo, and executive producer BIK CZ.

A look into their back catalog

sees the two MCs diving into the conscious realm of rap. …

Photo: Mason Fairey / Courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

Instrumentally vibrant yet emotionally skin-deep, the Auckland-based indie pop-rock quartet The Beths’ sophomore effort continues to highlight the band’s knack for the four-piece cookie-cutter songwriting formula.

And while such approach of simplicity worked to the benefit of their 2018 debut album, , making for an enjoyable experience, seems to have overstayed its welcome by exhausting (to put it bluntly, ‘recycling’) the same formula as before, but a tad…

Photo: JYP Entertainment

Come a new era in the canon, celebrity K-Pop nonet, , has released yet another eponymous project after their phenomenal release of less than a year ago — and it was their most glamorous single yet that showed us signs of maturity within the group.

Maturity; it was this same characteristic that made , as its title suggests, special, which the group tried to capitalize on as they were teasing release with short, half-minute trailers and such.

And indeed so,

Ever since starting her music career with the release of her first studio album over a decade ago, grabbing everyone’s attention with an unforgettable hit single in 2011 along the way, radio-pop-princess-turned-indie-queen Carly Rae Jepsen has proven to us time and time again that she’s not just your typical, pop-star-next-door.

Now, a year after the release of her fourth album, , and a Side B to the album coming this Thursday, May 21st, she has received many accolades, garnering a loyal and dedicated (pun intended) fanbase from within and beyond the pop-sphere.

At this point, claiming that Carly’s breakthrough is…

Submission to humanity’s ‘new gods’ is a theme central to , in which Grimes depicts a dystopian future where humans have abandoned the old ways of nature and religion, bowing down to the humanoid gods of a world where the artificial reigns supreme — and as terrifying as it is, she makes it sound kinda sweet.

Grimes’ highly-anticipated 2020 album, , which was teased way back late 2018 with the single , hinting towards a nu-metal/industrial direction (as Poppy did on her latest LP “I Disagree” this January) on her latest record, is a lot more…

The earnest reverie displayed by Sophie Allison in her music under the veneer of Soccer Mommy is one of the characteristics that made her click with the emotionally distraught teenage demographic she is particularly known for on her past projects.

It is always a pleasant treat hearing new material from the young Nashville-based bedroom pop artist, but diving deep into her psyche is an entirely different story and one that I wouldn’t describe as an experience one would voluntarily seek out by looking at a record — or any piece of art in general — from the outside in through…

PHOTO: Instagram @uniquesalongaph

Fame has been one of the biggest assets to success for the former IV OF SPADES phenom, Unique Torralba Salonga, who, ever since his tumultuous departure from the band, has been led to his path as a music artist.

The confounds of fame by which his leaving was surrounded never pulled the young artist into throwing in the towel for good and lead a more tranquil life. In fact, he took it upon himself to catapult his name higher with a music career of his own.

In his sophomore album, , Unique never shied away from embracing the fame he…

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