REVIEW: Matt Jaffe depicts the beauty and harms of idealized romances on ‘Voodoo Doll’

The love we often perceive as a double-edged sword — one that cuts dimensions in half, separating our fantasy world from the real one, through which we trudge at one snapback to reality — isn’t really a dark rabbit hole as we always thought. Whatever oblivion awaits us at the bottom, the fall does not have to be devoid of beauty.

Photo: Edward Saenz

Melody over lyrics

“My logic fails, her ardor falls, pain prevails within four walls”

“A fairytale under martial law, a nightingale with a fatal flaw
An even keel will overflow with chaos hiding down below”

“She has got my voodoo doll, she’ll throw it off a waterfall
It’s the only way she knows at all to say she loves me”

Creative influences — from cowboy punk rockers to synth-pop legends

Photo: Edward Saenz

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