‘The Seventh Seal’ by The Teeta and Willo: ALBUM REVIEW

As the world sinks into a perpetual state of fear, ‘The Seventh Seal’ looks inward for solace.

A look into their back catalog

The Seventh Seal sees the two MCs diving into the conscious realm of rap. For Willo, who is following up on his recent EP, Slide (2020), this project would not be seen as an atypical venture for the Dallas-based rapper by his fans, who would be expecting great flows and clever wordplay from him.

The Teeta

Kindred spirits

In hip-hop, personality is everything. Well, at least a huge part of it is.

Deeper than it seems

Like many other rap albums of its kind, The Seventh Seal doesn’t boast that much length. But for what it lacks in length, it makes up for in depth, as there are more layers of narrative and musical elements weaved into the tracks than what we’ve seen from both artists’ past material.

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